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Success Confidence and Happiness are the 3 things everybody desires”

“I started over 20 years ago in Harley Street London helping people realize their dreams”

Freddie Pateman

“The Happy Confidence Guru”

“Helping You Grow Personally and Professionally”

ONLINE Business Psychologist & Coach

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       One part -JUST ONE PART- optional but recommended, of the successful program, is discussed in an article about The Music Educators Exclusive Business Growth Club, “The Vault”, featured on Havard University, regarding Accelerated Learning,

Employing these techniques in your marketing, coupled with getting paid on results by your students,  will differentiate you from the competition, and attract new students, whilst charging higher fees .

It uses SIMPLE:

Educational Kinesiology – Body movement that correlates to the brain -Turn your students on for learning


Nero-Linguistic-Programming – The use of your imagination to subconsciously program your mind – 75% of  Olympic Athletes training is visualization)


SIMPLE-Belief Changing Strategies – “If you believe you can, or believe you cant, your right….”

 I will TEACH YOU VERY EASY to learn techniques

Its fun and I make it VERY SIMPLE for both you, and your students, to enjoy

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  • This will give you instant credibility, not only to approach schools, give demonstrations, etc., but also for your online marketing too.
  • The Vault” Also Has Sales Scripts Loaded With Emotional Intelligence, To Create Relationships. The Reason Why People Will Choose You.



The Music Educators Business Growth Program

Free Formula Masterclass Reveals:

…How  Music School owners and teachers can get  between 10 -20 NEW students per month worth a potential earnings of up to  $20000 per month with a Repeatable Simple Scientific Formula

Whether you’re a

Solo Music Tutor – A School With Many Teachers

Just Starting or Been in Business for Many Years,

Online or Offline

With Any Instrument, Voice or Style

Remember its not rocket science but it is a science


And do this….

WITHOUT Wasting Valuable Time, Spending A fortune On Marketing

Or Having to Become A Marketing Pro

….and do it even in these challenging times






The  Formula For Your Success

“Miracle or Mirror Call?”


Over 26,000 businesses  are using a simple proven technique to grow their business, that creates repeatable results time after time

I have taken this formula and developed it further for “Highly Ambitious Music Schools  & Music Teachers Like You

The formula is the best tool I have come across in marketing as it takes a scientific approach and breaks things down into simple manageable chunks

” Remember its not rocket science but it is a science”


Quite simply its about taking a look, with you, at your present marketing, and refreshing it with the Music Educators Growth Program ” The Formula” to realize your potential.

“Hence I call it  a Miracle or Mirror call?”



Don’t just Take My Word For It….

What does Jim Kwik “The Boy With The Broken Brain” PROVE about Accelerated Learning Techniques, Your Self Talk (beliefs) & YOUR  potential for success?





music teacher how to advertise





How do you realize your potential NOW  so it can be revealed?

Simple -Make it meaningful

There is nothing more important than the sense of meaning or purpose in your life, the why (why you do things).


So, what would it mean to you, to have a successful music studio business?

What would it mean to the people close to you?

Take a deep breath and imagine…..

Is it a ridiculous idea to book a FREE call?

Simple. Automated. 4U.

The outcome open and let’s assume, whatever that is, that’s it’s for the best.


Your Luck is In Today!

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“Wanna Go It Alone?”


My prices start from just 399 (normally 1000) for a limited time

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 How Growing Your Music Education  Business Is Linked To YOUR Personal Growth….



Nearly all business fails over time, the main reason is that they stopped growing

We are at our happiest when we are growing personally, and business is no different

The secret of happiness, if I had to sum it up in a word, is “grow”.

Growing in nature refers to the essential life force of nature. It gives a tiny little acorn the ability to grow into a massive oak tree …

Likewise, when you are moving towards your goals (growing), you are in tune with nature’s life force It will make you feel good and when you feel great you can give.

Giving, sharing  and connecting is accessing your true happiest self, the essence of love. For example when something brilliant happens in your life, business or otherwise, what is the first thing you want to do? Tell people-Share your pleasure!

   When footballers score a goal. What’s the first thing they want to do?

Celebrate by kissing and cuddling,they connect and Share their pleasure! The excitement turns to love.

In the analogy of life as football. If you go a goal down, or score an own goal! Such as…..

“I tried these things before. Nothing ever works for me”

” I’m not sure, its not familiar”

(We are hardwired to reject whats NOT familiar, and make excuses to justify this)

You need to pick yourself up and focus again, ‘grow’.


      The great news is, that when you face new challenges in your environment, your brain turns on genes, that were not on before, and it builds new structures.

So, growing your music studio business, and attracting new students, is not only good for you, and great for the people around you, in both business and your personal life. It’s also an expression of possibility and your potential,


“So-Do You Want To Miss Out?”