“Success, Confidence and Happiness are the 3 things everybody desires”

“I started over 20 years ago in Harley Street London helping people realize their dreams”

Freddie Pateman

The Happy Confidence Guru

“Helping You Grow Personally and Professionally”

ONLINE Business Psychologist & Coach, Psychoanalyst, NLP Master, Hypnotherapist, Hypo-Analyst, Educational Kinesiology Practitioner..




“What would Success, Confidence, or Happiness mean to you?”


 “How would any one, or all three, change your life right now?”

“Imagine…….take a moment”




“Music Educators Business Growth”

“Miracle or Mirror Call?”


      The popular belief is that successful marketing and advertising are about being ‘creative’.

This belief is incorrect!

      Effective marketing and advertising is based on a time-tested and simple scientific approach.”The Formula”

      It’s not rocket science but it is a science

“FREE Formula Masterclass”




     I am the Originator Of “The Confidence Clinic” in Harley Street London Over 20 Years Ago.

     Change your beliefs and therefore change the attached emotion.




Take “The Happiness Test” now





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 32 reviews
 by Mathieu Moulin

I'm a music teacher and Freddie coached me to help grow my business and I've only good things to say. Its really taken off and I'm now thinking about opening a school. It's that good

 by Paul Johnsom

Freddie is a great find. He has really helped me both professionally and personally. If you need some assistance he's your man!

 by Danny Rose

My music school business was on the floor, I was recommended to have a chat with Freddie, who I found very professional and helpful

He changed the way I was advertising with fantastic results.

I can recommend him fully to you all

 by Paul Harris

Really helped my my music business. Brilliant

 by Pail Jones

I Tried marketing with coaches before to no avail. However with Freddie it was different, I think because he is not just a coach but a psychologist too
He has helped me create a thriving business. I can’t thank him enough

 by Robert Edwards

At first it seemed too good to be true, I certainly wasn’t sure but went ahead as I needed to do something. I saw others successful and felt I was missing out.
Freddie restructured my marketing with great results. I strongly recommend him.

 by Graham Smith

I tried various adverts, word of mouth but struggled to keep my head above water.
I liked the idea of a proven scientific formula and bought into the program, which has gone really well and exceeded expectations
He has helped me enormously with both my business and confidence and easy to work with

 by Richard Dennis

Freddie has helped me develop my business from what looked like disaster
I was stuck in a rut and very worried. Particularly with the pandemic I didnt know what to do
With his knowledge of marketing and his work, he has helped me turn it around and I am very grateful to him

 by James Martin

I was somewhat skeptical but I went with a free marketing make over, as I had nothing to lose.
It made a lot of sense when I thought about it and the results proved it
Freddie has continued to coach me and I would say it is worth every penny

 by Danny Roberts

Business up 40%. Recommended

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