“Unhappy? Take The Happiness Test”

Think of something you happy about.

Spend a minute or two imagining it.


In your life story, life is going your way in this respect, as you expect it to be.


The Catch

Once you become accustomed in your life to something that makes you happy you will then want something else to focus on as you become bored.  

The answer?  

Find something more important than the separate self. Let your focus grow and give.

Together collectively you are stronger and happier

When you receive something good. You want to share that happiness.

You feel connected and you overcome the sense of separation.

People confuse pleasure and happiness, Happiness is the sharing of pleasure

It is a universal law that you reap what you sow. Moreover, you are a reflection of your predominant thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions.



2) Think of something you are NOT happy about.

Spend a minute or two imagining it.


In your life story, life is NOT going as you expect it to be.

This may mean you will take action to change your circumstances, but if you have no control over them, you are helpless.

This is where people either suffer or become angry in response.

You may feel stronger by being angry but it’s not real strength.


The answer?

Life is about giving and growing and overcoming adversities, as they do not define you. You will have to change your life or change your beliefs or normally a bit of both.




“Success, Confidence and Happiness are the 3 things everybody desires

I started over 20 years ago in Harley Street London helping people realize their dreams”

Freddie Pateman

The Happy Confidence Guru

“Helping You Grow Personally and Professionally”

Business Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, NLP Master, Hypnotherapist, Hypno-Analyst, Educational Kinesiology Practitioner. Life and Business Coach


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“The Real Secret Of Happiness”


      On this great ball spinning in the middle of nowhere, happiness is our purpose in life.

      How do I know? if you are happy, nothing else matters, you are fulfilled. This is our true nature; however, we obscure it with our beliefs and attached emotions.

      If you said to someone, that the thing that they wanted would make them unhappy, they would not want it

      Happiness is happiness, there are not different types, it’s always the same experience.

      Happiness comes from within. An object, event or, a relationship may trigger it, but the potential is always there.

      The opposite of happiness is suffering.

      Suffering stays with you, if you resist it.

      A good example  is, if you are stuck in a traffic jam, the more you resist and don’t accept it, the more unhappy you become. The same applies to all situations you cannot change


      Life is difficult, or a nicer way to say it is, life is challenging.

      By knowing that, and being okay with that, takes away the challenge, When a situation arises with a situation, obstacle or person  that is difficult , you can simply say that’s life, by accepting that is the way life is, there is no challenge

     The more you can do this, the more easy, and happier your life will be



The Relationship Of Love and Fear


      Love is the opposite of  fear. If the only thing you had was love you would fear losing it. Giving a sense of separation, or the separate self.

      Falling in love is the unveiling of the mask of the separate self.

      Dr. Peter Fenwicks’ (the Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London)  major research into near death experiences would suggest that the separate self also falls away in the instances of these phenomena, where people experience fantastic loving heavenly experiences.

      The eminent psychologist Carl Jung was one of many who had an “NDE” and described it as the experience of ecstasy.

      Many think hate is the opposite of love. However, hate is just a byproduct of fear. A protection mechanism.

      From fear you get excitement, a different perception of the same energy (get on the back of a fast bike, its frightening and exciting).

      Sexual excitement is based in the same energy.

      From fear we get control as you try to control your fear.

      So, in this world there is fear, or a dog eat dog world. We would not be here in this world without it. However, we need the positive side of fear, control, which gives us confidence, and the other side, love, a balance.

How Fear Grows And How To Ovecome It


      This  is the story of the monk where  part of his journey was to spend time alone in the jungle at night.

      Night fell and he heard a sound and thought that just sounds like a small animal, nothing to worry about.

      He heard the noise again and it seemed closer, maybe he thought ,it was a medium-size animal and started to get a little apprehensive

      A few minutes past and he heard what sounded like the crushing of branches underfoot, this he said, must be a tiger, he didn’t want to, fearing what he might confront, but did,  reach for his  torch and shine it, where upon he saw a little mouse.


      This is a good example of what we do in our mind, the negative belief growing and growing with fear.

Coaching+ Miracle or Mirror Call?

      I have developed an approach called Coaching+. This operates in the same way as the torch.

       As you confront the fears and negativity that you are walking around with. You start to see them for what they are, sometimes unnoticeable, sometimes not pleasant but only a mouse compared to the tiger that you think it is.

       You then can enjoy the love, peace, and happiness that comes afterwards.


      Intellectualization which many approaches take is not that successful as your mind resists looking at itself. Coaching+ looks to bypass the intellectual mind, which thinks it knows everything, but doesn’t, and go to the part that knows the emotional root cause of your unhappiness, and allow your beliefs to change.


The secret of happiness, if I had to sum it up in a word, is “grow”.

      The  approach I developed called Coaching+, allows us to “grow”.


      Growing in nature refers to the essential life force of nature. It gives a tiny little acorn the ability to grow into a massive oak tree …

      Likewise, when you are moving towards your goals (growing),you are in tune with natures life force It will make you feel good and when you feel great you are able to give.

      Giving or sharing is accessing your true happiest self, the essence of love. For example when something brilliant happens in your life, what is the first thing you want to do?  Tell people-Share your pleasure!

      When footballers score a goal? What’s the first thing they want to do. Celebrate by kissing and cuddling, Share their pleasure!  The excitement turns to love.

       In the analogy of life as football. If you go a goal down, even if you score an own goal in life, you need to pick yourself up and focus again, ‘grow’.

People confuse pleasure with happiness. Pleasure you may get from sex or going back to the football analogy, playing and scoring. Pleasure is an individuals internal desire being satisfied. Happiness or joy is the sharing of pleasure.



Even Deeper…..

Human or Who Man?


      Coaching+™ is the path of knowing of who we are, self-realization, which can lead on, to the knowing of being, or aware of our awareness,and its essential nature, which we call i, or i am,(the same sense of i that has remained constant in your life that your tangled  beliefs and emotions lay on top of )

      What remains constant throughout our life is the experience of awareness, or the sense of i.

       When you were 5 years old, you referred to yourself as i, today you will refer to yourself and feel yourself as the same i.

       No thought, feeling, image or relationship has remained the same, so do not qualify as i, or i am.

      This sense of i, or i’am, is our essential nature of being and happiness.


  The sense of i, or our awareness is based in love and connection when we are born.

      This is why the sense of i, or i’am, is our essential nature of being and happiness. You can see why sharing, giving and looking to something greater than the separate self makes us happy.

      When the sense of love and connection are feared lost it creates the separate self.

      The separate self, based in fear comes to the forefront around the age of 2 “the terrible twos”.

      The positive side of fear, control, or the will to power, rears its head with it.

      This is why growing, akin to confidence, makes us happy and shrinking, the opposite, which is based in fear does not.

      The next stage of development is when we create our ego.

      This is made up of our perceptions and creates beliefs that our future perceptions filter through.

      This is where our thoughts and feelings come from and give your ego, the false sense of i too.

A good analogy of this development is as follows:

       John Smith plays the part of King Lear in a play. You go and see him afterward to congratulate him on his performance, but he is confused. He thinks and acts as if he is King Lear, not John Smith.

       King Lear represents the separate self

      John Smith would represent the i, or the essential nature of our being, our awareness. Who we truly are.

      His confusion would represent the tangled web of beliefs and emotions that are erroneous and need confronting and changing.

      Thus leading to the path of becoming aware of who he is, or who we are, self-realization.

      The awareness or the sense of i is like the screen to our life story, and based in love,

      The bathing of our negative beliefs and emotions, in the warm bath of awareness, allows true change, and happiness to develop,



This is the essence of creating happiness and fulfillment.


I’m a Psychologist (Business Growth and Personal), Psychoanalyst, Coach. Hypnotherapist,  NLP Master, and Educational Kinesiologist.

I am the originator of “The Confidence Clinic” over 20 years ago in Harley Street London.


On a personal note:

       I’m a down to earth, straight edge, easy-going guy. I take great pleasure in socializing with friends and family. I have a big dog that looks like a bear, that loves going out in my 1960s

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 14 reviews
 by Paul Laine

I approached Freddie to help with my marketing for my business, which incidentally has created a lot more more business for me. I went through a divorce and never got over it which affected my confidence. I done some work on myself with Coaching Plus and it has really helped me. I feel refreshed and now looking for a new relationship

 by Julie Priestley

Since working with Freddie, Life now has some meaning. I am much more fulfilled and not worried all of the time. That sense of doom has left me. I am stronger and feel positive generally

 by danny wallice

I have overcome my depression and anxiety, feel much better about life now. 5 stars from me

 by Jane Goddard

Working with Freddie was great! I have a great understanding of life now and although life is not perfect thats okay!

 by Johnny Pallis

Although financially very successful. I had no enjoyment in my life. I was full of jealousy and hate.
Doing this work with Freddie who I much admire has had a great impact on me and my life.
I feel much more fulfilled now and am just starting a relationship with someone special, something I have always longed for. The main thing though is I feel a lot happier in myself

 by Roger Taylor

All my life has been pain and suffering, I tried therapy, hypnosis, and coaching. All had little effect
Working in my imagination and the techniques Freddie used has got me to a point where I am enjoying life. I can't thank him enough

 by Sheila Motan

I was at a loss and thought I would try this.
I have had seen coaches before but nothing worked but this was completely different in the process and outcome.
Reading the website and speaking to Freddie resonated with me.
The fact he was a psychoanalyst and his level of understanding put me at ease.
Im a lot more confident and certainly happier now

 by Mr. P Robbins

I meditated for many years, it got me somewhere but not where I wanted. In some way, it probably prepared me for this Coaching+.
I would say Freddie is a very deep guy with a tremendous understanding of life and the mind. It has brought me to a better place and helped me spiritually

 by Isabell Enzenauer

I feel a lot happier in myself. It took me a while to do something as I kept putting it off, I didn't think anything would make me feel better.
I am looking forward to life now, so if you are anxious and unhappy I would say don't put it off as I did.
Isabell Enzenauer

 by Federico Lordi

I'm a lot more fulfilled having worked with Freddie. I have a much better understanding of myself and life and accept things that used to make me jealous. I feel more relaxed about everything in general

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