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“Are you REALLY SERIOUS about Becoming Confident?”

        “I have helped many people find confidence and self-esteem”

        “For simple on the surface issues I can use Hypnosis NLP etc.”

   “For deep rooted problems, read on to find out the REAL SECRET and why this approach is so successful”


“Creating Confidence?”

Believe it or not …it’s simply realization

       “Unfortunately, we have blind spots that prevent people from seeing who they are”

      ”The mind has a trick of protecting you from the attached emotion, making things difficult to change, however, I also have a technology to overcome it”

      “The original emotion once strong, when seen again with a mature mind and different mindset ,becomes weak or unnoticeable, allowing change”.


Hence, Miracle or Mirror Call?


      If you understand the symbolism of Dracula The Vampire.(If it was written today, it would be lurid sex trash) Then you would know the reason he cannot see his reflection is because, quite simply, he doesn’t want to see it, his mind is protecting him.

      Likewise, we often don’t want to see things that hurt or we don’t like about ourselves.


” I describe it as a condition of the “Human Being”. Or “Who Are You Being” (listen to the word)- in your life drama”




Human or Who man?

       Who man? or who are you? Our most fundamental question. You are a summary of your beliefs. Your beliefs underpin thoughts, decisions and goals you have made, thereby creating your reality. You are what you believe you are.

      People say “I’m only human”they are talking about the limitations of their beliefsinstead why not change the belief to “I open up to the possibilities of being human and take control of my thoughts and emotions”.




Even Deeper

      On a deeper level. The sense of i, or i am, or our essential nature of happiness, (click for more on this and our development) which underpins our being, gets shrouded by our beliefs and emotions.

        What remains constant throughout our life is the experience of awareness, or the sense of i.

        When you were 5 years old, you referred to yourself as i, today you will refer to yourself and feel yourself as the same i.

        No thought, feeling, image or relationship has remained the same, so do not qualify as i or i am.


  A good analogy is as follows:

       John Smith plays the part of King Lear in a play. You go and see him afterward to congratulate him on his performance, but he is confused. He thinks and acts as if he is King Lear not John Smith.

      John Smith would represent the i, or the essential nature of our being, our awareness. Who we truly are.

      His confusion would represent the tangled web of beliefs and emotions that are erroneous and need confronting and changing.

      Thus leading to the path of becoming aware of who he is, or who we are, self realization.

       I have developed an approach called Coaching+™.

      This is the path of knowing of who we are, self-realization.

      The awareness or the sense of i is like the screen to our life story and based in love

      The bathing of our negative beliefs and emotions, in the warm bath of awareness, allows true change, and confidence to develop




Why is my Coaching+™ program so successful compared to other approaches?

(coaching, therapy, hypnosis, NLP etc.)


      I know because I started The Confidence Clinic using various approaches (I’m a leading coach, therapist, psychoanalyst and hypnotherapist….) over 20 years ago in Harley Street London. Now available worldwide on Skype or Zoom.


The reason

      The main reason that many approaches don’t work or get limited results is that the mind has a trick of hiding emotion from you (a protection mechanism).

      You may say I remember this or that and say it’s not a problem, when really you are suppressing an emotion, although consciously unaware. So, you may intellectually know what advice someone is giving you is correct but you may feel something completely different.

      Hence it can be difficult to change your beliefs even if someone is helping you with various techniques.




Is there an answer?

      So, if the mind has a trick of hiding the emotion, is there a way to uncover it? The answer is yes, there is a technology I use. 

      The mind is trying to protect you from things that happened to you, when you uncover them with the attached emotion and see them with a different mature mindset, they lose their power over you.

      You can see them now for what they were, not nice at time but irrelevant now. Therefore, your mind has not got to protect itself and can change belief structures you are trapped in. 

      The thing I hear most from my clients is that it can’t be these things, I know all about them, and spoke about them before. I can’t feel anything when I revisit them, yet I feel great.


      I developed Coaching+™ as a simple quick way to help you with confidence, reach your goals, find success and fulfillment in your life.

      Coaching+ helps you reflect on who you are (mirror call or mirror call) enabling you to easily change your beliefs and emotional responses.

     It looks for you to make peace and friends with your mind, so it works favorably for you.




      I work with technologies, the science of inner engineering, in your imagination (your unconscious) to help you to find blind spots and also overcome negatives in your belief structure to open up to positive beliefs and possibilities. (Mirror Calls) Thus changing the core within that you base your decisions on.

      Think of a decision (decisions are based on your beliefs) you made before that affected your life, good or bad is not the point, imagine if you had made a different decision.

      Make a decision today to change. Create a beautiful life and you will look back in the future and be grateful to yourself for doing so.




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