Hi I’m Freddie,

      Although this seems to be about me, it is really about YOU, & how I’m qualified to help YOU, as a specialist, in your quest for success

I believe my experience and expertise, in the field of success, both professionally and personally, separates me from the rest, when it comes to helping you realize your goals.

Ive always been fascinated by the unique puzzles people create in their life.

Helping people put the pieces of their own puzzle together, is my passion.

I also firmly believe that each person has a story to tell.

My goal is to help you with your own!

………More about me, and why I can help YOU realize your potential



      I’ve been in business all my life, 

      After learning bass guitar at the age of 14 and having some knowledge of electronics. I started building guitar effects and selling them.

.     I like change and challenge and went on to open workshops for cars and had 30 people working for me at one stage.

      I developed an interest in psychology, understanding and helping people, what drives them and their relationships.

      I studied and qualified as a Psychoanalyst, Hypnotherapist, Hypno-analyst, Psychotherapist, Educational Kinesiologist, Life and Business Coach, and NLP Master.

      I am the originator of “The Confidence Clinic” over 20 years ago. The name and direction came from my knowledge of marketing. Quite simply, I realized many people want confidence, certainly at some point in their life.

      I therefore opened consulting rooms in Harley Street London.




Harley Street London – And A Link To My Website From 20+ Years Ago.

     Click on the picture. It will take you to a website. This website shows all website histories. It therefore shows my website from 20+ years ago.




Helping Business People

      Although people from all walks came to see me, I targeted and attracted business startups, and business owners that had problems.

      I, therefore, was able to help them with confidence, and related problems, normally their happiness, or business growth/problems.

Helping Music Educators With their Business Growth

     I have now come full circle, specializing in mixing music and business together, whilst helping you realize your potential.





On a personal note…

      I’m a down to earth, straight edge, easy going guy. I take great pleasure in socializing with friends and family. 


      I have a big dog that looks like a bear, that loves going out in my 1960s classic open top sports car, and of course, it’s a treat for me too.

     Would it be a ridiculous idea to contact me today?

Let the adventure begin.





“Get Started with A Free Consultation. Let the adventure begin.”