My Story Is Your Story…

Ive always been fascinated by the unique puzzles people create in their life.


Helping people put the pieces of their own puzzle together, is my passion.


I also firmly believe that each person has a story to tell.


My goal is to help you with your own!



“Some of my *Bass Notes*

& how I got into this…

Helping You Change Your Life Thingamajig”

I found my voice and came alive when I found my first love at the tender age of 14 – Music and playing in a band

It was the crucial first step I knew I needed to take to get out of my comfort zone,

In essence, I surrounded myself with others on a similar mission and finally prioritized MY voice.

Cue my core bass note:

Inspired by my new-found confidence, I soon found myself making electronic effects, (fuzz boxes, and the like) and got my first sweet taste of marketing and brand


 My next affair of the heart…

After many years in various businesses, the intrigue of life (Human or Who Man?) got the better of me

I went on and qualified as a Psychoanalyst, Hypnotherapist, Hypno-analyst, Psychotherapist, Educational Kinesiologist, Life and Business Coach, and NLP Master.


And then what happened?

From my knowledge of marketing, I decided to open (as the originator) “The Confidence Clinic” (everybody can do with some extra confidence!) in Harley Street London.

I targeted and mainly attracted business startups and business owners as I felt an affinity with them

The Reward

Normally I just gloss over helping people transform their life – saying I am just a catalyst, but it hits home when I get an email or card thanking me


And now?

Today I have come full circle, specializing in mixing music & business


Helping You change your life, find Your Voice, & announce to the world who you are, and so realize your potential




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Harley Street London – And A Link To My Website From 20+ Years Ago.

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Psst… Have we been *officially* introduced?

Hey friend, I’m Freddie

      I’m a down to earth, straight edge, easy going guy. I take great pleasure in socializing with friends and family. 


      I have a big dog that looks like a bear, that loves going out in my 1960s classic open top sports car, and of course, it’s a treat for me too.

     Would it be a ridiculous idea to contact me today?

Let the adventure begin.





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